Construction Industry Development Board

About CIDB

What is CIDB?

The Construction Industry Development Board most commonly known as CIDB, is a statutory body established under the CIDB Act of 2008. The overriding objective of the CIDB is to promote the development and improvement of the construction industry.

CIDB operates under the aegis of the Ministry of National Infrastructure and Community Development. It is governed by a Council comprising 11 members including the Chairperson.

CIDB aims at providing leadership and guidance towards the development of a competitive and world class construction industry.

CIDB is provided with a comprehensive set of objects and functions which enables it to ensure the proper development of the construction industry.

CIDB is now recognised as one of the focal point for the Construction Industry in Mauritius.

One of the core activities of CIDB is the registration of Consultants and Contractors. The Act makes provisions for the registration of both local & foreign Consultants and Contractors. This is supported by enabling regulations which stipulate detailed provisions of the main Act about the legislation of the registration process.

The registration is now being extended to other fields in the Construction Sector. New Regulations have recently been made for registration of service providers other than Consultants viz Computer Aided Design(CAD) operators for construction works including Draughtsman, Technician in Construction and Third Party Certifier in Construction.

Regulations have also been made for the registration of Suppliers of Construction Materials, Construction Plants and Equipment.