CAD Operators

Clause (3) of the Construction Industry Development Board (Registration of Service Providers other than Consultants) Regulations 2018 stipulates that “No person shall act as a Service Provider unless he is registered with the Council”.

A Service Provider means any of the persons listed below who provide construction services other than consultancy services:

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) Operator for construction works including Draughtsman;
  • Technician in construction; and
  • Third Party Certifier in construction


Application Form for registration as a CAD Operator can be downloaded here:

RG17 – Application for Registration as a CAD Operator

Notes to Applicant 

RG17 – Notes to Applicant


Fees Payable                                                                                    Rs 

Non-refundable Processing Fee                                                         500

Registration Fee                                                                                2,500

Renewal Fee                                                                                      2,500

Copy of Duplicate Certificate of Registration                                     1,000

Change of particulars in Certificate of Registration                           1,000