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The need for better standards and specification crucial to improve service delivery in the Construction Industry.

Section 6(h) of the CIDB Act stipulates that one of the functions of CIDB shall be to “encourage the standardization and improvement of construction materials and techniques”.  The CIDB assists the Construction Industry in improving its efficiency through wider use of construction standards.

CIDB works in collaboration with Mauritius Standards Bureau to develop and adopt common standards related to the Construction Industry.

In fact the “Building and Construction Standard Committee” set up under the aegis of the Mauritius Standards Bureau is responsible for the development of common standards on construction.  The CIDB as a member of the Building and Construction Standard Committee contributes to provide guidance and leadership towards the development of common standards related to the Construction Industry.

Standards developed or adopted by the MSB is usually voluntary. However, a few standards are even mandatory such as MS 10, MS 34, etc.

Construction related Standards are available for purchase at the MSB.

The International Organisation for Standardization has recently publish a brochure relating to International Standards for the Construction Sector.  This document is an interesting reference for those who want to know more about the portfolio of standards designed by the ISO for the Construction Sector.   It highlights the wide range of topics addressed by ISO’s Technical Committees working of standards for the construction industry.

The brochure can be downloaded at: