Construction Industry Development Board

Standard Conditions of Contracts

What are the Conditions?

CIDB is mandated to develop Standard Forms of Construction Agreements and Contracts.

There are several standard forms of contract used across the world. The most commonly used in Mauritius are the FIDIC conditions of contract, the JCT, the East African model, the World Bank Standards Conditions of Contract among others.

CIDB has developed a Conditions of Contract for Minor Works to provide an additional choice among the different forms of contract available for Minor Works.

This Conditions of Contract is different from common Conditions of Contract in the sense that it is more user-friendly, avoiding the use of complex terms and legal jargons.

This Conditions of Contract was drafted by a Committee comprising the different professional bodies of the construction industry and contractors.

CIDB intends to develop a whole suite of Standards Forms of Contract for the construction sector.

CIDB Conditions of Contract