Construction Industry Development Board


Clause (3) of the Construction Industry Development Board (Registration of Suppliers) Regulations 2018 stipulates that “No person shall act as a supplier unless he is registered with the Council”.

A Supplier means an importer, a manufacturer or a producer of Construction Materials and Construction Plant & Equipment as listed below and does not include a hardware shop.

Suppliers of the following Construction Materials, Plant and Equipment are required to be registered:

Construction Materials Construction Plant and Equipment
(i)       Aggregates (i)      Earth Moving Equipment
(ii)      Bitumen (ii)    Materials Handling Equipment
(iii)     Cement (iii)   Scaffolding
(iv)     Ready Mix Concrete
(v)      Concrete Blocks and Bricks
(vi)     Paint and Waterproofing Materials
(vii)    Reinforcement Bars and Steel Sections
(viii)   Aluminium
(ix)     Timber

Application Form
for registration as a Supplier can be downloaded here:

RG15 – Application for Registration as a Supplier

Notes to Applicant

RG15 – Notes to Applicant

Fees PayableRs
Processing Fee
Registration Fee5000
Renewal Fee5000
Copy of Duplicate
Certificate of
Change of particulars
in Certificate of